Bootheel Bluegrass Festival

Bootheel Bluegrass Festival Schedule

Thursday Night   Jan 24th                                                                       

7:00 PM   The Gipson’s

7:45 PM   The Family Sowell

8:30 PM   Alan Sibley & The Magnolia Ramblers from RFD TV

Friday Afternoon  Jan 25th                                                 Friday Night  Jan 25th

2:00 PM     The Family Sowell                                               7:00 PM    The Baker’s

2:45 PM     Alan Sibley & The Magnolia Ramblers           7:45 PM   The Harman’s   

3:30 PM     The Harman’s                                                      8:30  PM   The Family Sowell

4:15 PM      The Baker’s                                                         9:15 PM    Alan Sibley & The Magnolia Ramblers

5:00   Dinner Break catered by Country Mart    $9 per person  (not included in ticket price)

Smoked Pork Steak, Au Grautin Potatoes, Baked Beans, Salad, Dessert & Drink

Saturday Afternoon  Jan 26th                               Saturday Night  January  26th

1:00 PM    The Gipson’s                                                             7:00 PM    That Dalton Gang

1:45 PM     That Dalton Gang                                                   7:45 PM    Riverbend

2:30 PM    Riverbend                                                                  8:30 PM    Bull Harman & Bull’s Eye

3:15 PM     Bull Harman & Bull’s Eye                                      9:15 PM    The Baker’s

4:00 PM    Herbie Johnston & Fiddler’s  Frolic                  


5:00 PM   Dinner Break - Buffet catered by Country Mart  $11 per person  All you can eat!     (not included in the ticket price)                                          

Fried Chicken, Kettle Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Green Beans, Slaw, Roll, Dessert & Drink

Sound System provided by Steve Klein           

Visit our vendors and bands merchandise tables and take something home!

Next year’s dates   Jan 23, 24, 25  2020

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